Five Tips from A Successful Golf Course Superintendent

Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend—a retired golf course superintendent—who got “bored” at home and expressed interest in re-entering the turf industry in some fashion. Since he was so successful at what he had accomplished in the golf industry, I asked him to explain to me the top five things that he did to solidify his previous career and that could be applied to his new venture.

Here is what he shared, and this insight should be applied to all us for our current and future careers.

Be nimble and ready to change.

Be willing to look at things from a different perspective, especially since our industry changes at a rapid pace. Always think out of the box. From people management to turf grass and all things new and different. Today, technology moves so quickly, and practices are reviewed and analyzed we need to embrace it. Our golfers certainly do! Ask yourself, “how do I become part of this change?” and stay current.

As a leader, build a strong team.

To be a good leader, you need to create a diverse team that has different skills from your own. Fill in the voids to round out the total offerings of your team. Do not shy away from those who have a different perspective, see things differently and might have a better method. Be diverse to be successful. Never say “this is the way we’ve always done it.”

Be inquisitive.

Look around, ask why, and learn. Knowledge is power. Never stop learning! Try new things and see what happens. Look at your fellow superintendents, researchers, industry leaders and absorb what can you learn from their successes. Have more questions than answers.


The essence of our business is communication – to staff, to constituents, to fellow superintendents.

And, when you do communicate, look people in the eye, be direct, and let them know where they stand and where you stand. Remain empathetic and keep it human. Remember, be transparent in all your communications.

Find Your Passion

The job should bring you joy and satisfaction.You should be excited to leave home each day and go to the golf course.Once that stops so does your career and maybe your job.Never become stagnant, always revisit your goals and don’t be so busy that you are not running forward.

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Tim Moraghan is the principal of Aspire Golf, a consulting company based out of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Aspire offers guidance in the areas of turfgrass management, tournament consulting, and professional development. In today’s highly competitive—and extremely cost-conscious—golf industry, it is essential to operate at peak potential. Aspire Golf consulting services help your facility be the best it can be by simultaneously enhancing operations and minimizing costs.

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