The Down and Dirty About Diseases: Dollar Spot

i. Dollar spot

i. Dollar spot

Most superintendents are no strangers to dollar spot since it can occur on most cool- and warm-season turfgrass species. The disease presents itself as bleached to straw-colored spots roughly the size of a silver dollar. It typically occurs form late spring through late fall or early winter thriving in warm humid weather and/or cool nights with heavy dew. Under close mowing conditions the sunken, circular, straw-colored spots are distinct while higher cutting heights the more the spots blend together causing a more blighted appearance.

So, what can be done to control this rampant disease? It all starts with a comprehensive program.

The corner of your dollar spot program

The most effective way to control dollar spot is to stay ahead of it. BASF has an array of solutions for your spray program that will equip you with one of the industry’s strongest lines of defense against dollar spot. Here are few tips to ensure success:

  1. Start early
    Treat your fairways with one application of Emerald® fungicide, specifically formulated to focus solely on dollar spot, in the early spring for superior disease control on most major turfgrass species.

  2. Stay on course
    During the mid-summer, apply Navicon® Intrinsic® brand fungicide for long-lasting control of dollar spot, anthracnose and other target diseases. Additionally, you’ll get the plant health benefits of advanced turf safety, greater tolerance to stress, and increased growth efficiency for stronger, denser roots. In the late summer, follow up with one application of Xzemplar® fungicide for control of dollar spot, brown patch and summer patch.

  3. Finish strong
    Come autumn, apply Emerald fungicide to put your turf to bed for the winter clean of disease.

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